Adopting Eco-Friendly Practices With the Businesses You Support


We all know that the planet Earth is our only home, and that’s why many people are trying to live the cleanest, environmentally-friendly life to preserve it. It used to feel like a personal battle that you couldn’t win. But now, many major companies are following suit by making eco-friendly products and using sustainable methods to cut down on unnecessary waste during manufacturing.

So, what better way to help than to team up with these companies and support them by using their services and products in your own life? In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can live a sustainable life while supporting the companies that do the same.

What Are Eco-Friendly Companies?

If you’re new to this idea, you’re probably wondering what makes a company sustainable. The general idea is it’s an organization that regularly participates in green activities to ensure that all products, processes, and activities function while meeting all current environmental concerns. They’re making tweaks to their company to eliminate waste and operate without harming the planet.

Companies can become environmentally friendly by creating green products, storing products sustainably, giving back to the community, and recycling, among other strategies. Many environmentally friendly companies exist. One of which is the outdoor clothing company Patagonia. They pledge to donate 1% of sales to conservation efforts. There’s also Allbirds shoes, a 100% carbon-neutral business that doesn’t release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

Most environmentally friendly businesses will inform the public that they’re sustainable, and you’ll often see it listed in their mission statement or on a page on their website. You can also check to see if they’re certified with a B Corporation certification or similar, proving they’re trying to improve the world.

If you’re a business owner who also wants to make a difference for our planet, then you can implement many environmentally conscious initiatives at your workplace. That may include taking all printers out of the office so you can go completely paperless or starting a carpool program so your staff can take fewer cars to work. You could also evaluate your current vendors and choose those supporting green initiatives.

Use Eco-Friendly Products Around Your Home

You have many options when you purchase products for your home, so why not try to buy them from sustainable companies so you get the same great product and you’re helping the world? For instance, if you’re looking to buy new furniture for your place, look online for sustainable furniture companies, like those that upcycle their pieces or make them out of recyclable materials. These great products are just as comfortable as any you’ll buy elsewhere. You can follow this same shopping logic when it comes to any purchase.

It’s also important to be cautious when cleaning your home and not use substances that can hurt the environment. Luckily, many sustainable companies, like Seventh Generation and Branch Basics, produce non-toxic chemicals that will make your home as clean as any other product.

Just about everything you do can be done more sustainably, from your devotion to the decorations for your celebrations and get-togethers.

Buying products is not the only way to make your home more sustainable. You can also make improvements around the house, like switching to low-flow showerheads, installing solar panels, and buying green appliances.

There are also things you can do outside in your yard, like joining the native plant movement. This is a movement where people are trying to add more plants that are native to their area because of the benefits that doing so provides. Native plants require less water and fewer resources to thrive and are healthy for the local wildlife. This great initiative helps the environment in new, inventive ways.

Eco-Friendly Travel

There are also opportunities to be more eco-friendly and support sustainable companies while you’re out and about. Start by looking into the idea of purchasing an electric vehicle from the growing list of car companies adding them to their feet. An electric car eliminates the need to use gas and fossil fuels that release toxic chemicals into the air when burned. While you’re still using electricity, the negative impact is far less devastating.

When summer comes, and it’s time to take that family vacation, you can continue your eco-friendly ways. Choose a direct flight to your destination to eliminate the need for layovers because it takes a lot of energy and gas for that plane to take off each time. You can also do your part by packing lighter, so the aircraft has less weight, making it more energy-efficient. Once you get to the destination, if it’s safe, then opt to use public transportation. Although buses may be big, they often use cleaner fuel sources than automobiles.

As you research potential hotels, look for chains that prioritize sustainability, like those that try to save waste and plastic by ditching the plastic key cards in exchange for keyless apps on your phone. Many hotels may also stock their food menus with locally sourced options that are typically made with fresher ingredients and support local vendors. Do your research, and you’ll find some sustainable hotels at your destination.

These are just a few ways to adopt a more eco-friendly life while supporting genuinely caring companies. Spend time researching before your next purchase, and you’ll do a great service for our planet.


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