Air India Sets Up Integrated Mega Engineering Warehouse in Delhi


NEW DELHI: Air India, India’s leading global airline, has commissioned a mega warehouse facility at Delhi to store over 1,000,000 engineering spares that are integral to the maintenance, checks, and repairs of its aircraft and ground support equipment. The centralized warehouse, sprawling 54,000 sq. ft., will significantly improve the quick turnaround of the airline’s flights operating out of Delhi.

The first-of-its-kind facility for any airline in India, the integrated warehouse will serve as the cornerstone of Air India’s engineering function, offering a one-stop solution for storing aircraft spares, tools, and ground support equipment ranging from hardware to sophisticated and complex avionics, hydraulics, structural, pneumatic, and mechanical components.

The warehouse will fulfill engineering resource requirements for maintenance and service of the Air India, Air India Express, and AIX Connect fleet from a centralized location by integrating 16 subscale and scattered locations spread across Delhi and Mumbai into a consolidated state-of-the-art facility that will function as a hub and feeder network for operations throughout India. This will streamline the airline’s functions and ensure better control over inventory.

Located close to Air India’s aircraft hangars at Terminal 3 of IGI airport, the warehouse will facilitate swift material movement of spares to address technical issues. The new integrated facility will boost the airline engineering warehouse infrastructure in the country, as Air India continues its transformation to a world-class airline.

Campbell Wilson, CEO and MD, of Air India said, “The warehouse is a major milestone for Air India and a reinforcement of the quality, professionalism, and investment that we are now committed to making. This world-class facility will not only boost Air India’s fleet and operational efficiency but will also strengthen India’s aviation ecosystem. The warehouse will offer us more proximate access to and better control over our aircraft spares enabling us to meet any engineering requirement promptly-leading to improved punctuality of flights.


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