APCR Takes Legal Stand Against Movie ‘Razakar

APCR Takes Legal Stand Against Movie 'Razakar
APCR Takes Legal Stand Against Movie 'Razakar
  • PIL Filed to Halt Film Release Amidst Concerns of Communal Discord
  • ‘Razakar’ is not meant to foment communal disturbances: says Gudur 

HYDERABAD: Bharatiya Janata Party state executive committee member Gudur Narayana Reddy on Friday made it clear that the movie, Razakar, being produced by him was not meant to foment communal disturbances but to put the facts of the history before the people of the country.

In a media statement, he said that some persons have been trying to mislead the people that the movie has been made to provoke communal riots in the state and to accuse a section of the society. Few are trying to file public interest litigations against its release. 

He made it clear that he had no intention to create communal tensions in society as he was a peace lover. He has been at the forefront of promoting communal harmony in the state. 

Narayana Reddy said that the movie, produced under the banner Samarveer Creations, to be released on March 15, documented the period of history between August 15, 1947, and September 17, 1948, i.e. from India achieving independence to Hyderabad State’s merger into the Union of India. 

He stated that after India achieved independence from the Britishers in 1947, the Nizam of Hyderabad State refused to join it for about 396 days. He wanted to turn Hyderabad State into an independent country.

“The Nizam wanted to name the new country as Osmanistan or Turkistan. He has appealed in this regard to the United Nations Organisation. However, Britain has refused to support this idea. They advised him to follow the Standstill Agreement,” he explained. Britain has also advised Nizam to merge Hyderabad State into the Indian Union as the state was not a Muslim-majority region. 

However, Nizam did not heed the British’s advice and started to implement his sinister designs to create a new country of his own. Khasim Razvi had started a political outfit and recruited volunteers in the name of Razakars. 

He further stated that the political outfit created by Razvi has begun a vicious campaign to raise the population of Muslims in the state. He started the forcible conversion of Hindus into Islam to convert Hyderabad State into a Muslim-majority region. 

He informed that during their terrible campaign, the Razakars have raped about 60,000 Hindu women and killed more than two lakh Hindus. The Razakars have inflicted monstrous and brutal atrocities on the Hindus of Hyderabad State to achieve their heinous objective. 

However Indian Government has intervened in time and liberated the people of Hyderabad state from the clutches of the Nizam. It was Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who played a key role in the merger of Hyderabad State into the Union of India. If he had not interfered Hyderabad State would have become Turkistan or merged with Pakistan and plights of the people of that state could be imaginable,” he said. 

He said that the movie was made based on facts and historical events that took place between August 15, 1947, and September 17, 1948. It has been attempted to put the facts before the country’s people through the movie. 

He said that the team of the movie has thoroughly studied the historical documents relating to the events that took place between August 15, 1947, and September 17, 1948. No attempt has been made to twist the facts or to malice the character of a particular community. 

He said that many individuals and organizations have been raising hue and cry over the release of the film with no rhyme and reason. Those raising objections about the film may be the members of Nizam’s or Razakars’ families. 

Narayana Reddy informed that the movie has been made with a high budget and high cinematic values. He urged the people not to worry about the content of it. The movie would be an engrossing one and would appeal not to the senses but to the minds. 

He said that as an Indian citizen, he has every right to lay bare the reality before the people.   


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