‘Art Beyond the Canvas’ – A Panel Discussion led by Anish Gawande

Art Beyond the Canvas
Art Beyond the Canvas

Join industry leaders Anish Gawande, Writer and Curator, Tina Tahiliani Parikh, Executive Director of Ensemble, Kamal Malik, Principal Architect at Malik Architecture, and Sangita Kathiwada, Cultural Entrepreneur, Kathiwada City House, in a dynamic panel discussion exploring the profound role of art in their lives and industries. Curated by Anish Gawande, the conversation transcends traditional boundaries, questioning and redefining the concept of art beyond the canvas.

Date: 13th January 2024
Time: 5:30 pm – 7 pm
Venue: Kathiwada City House, Sir Pochkhanwala Road, Worli.

This panel is part of ‘The Evolution of Now,’ a young collectors art exhibition by Teesta Bhandare and Art Garde where Curator, Anish Gawande speaks to dozens of businesses; design, and architecture, to understand how art is perceived in their respective fields and the place it holds in these industries where there is a strong overlap.

The discussion offers a brief yet insightful crash course in art appreciation, urging attendees to rethink traditional notions. ‘Art Intersections: Art in the Everyday’ is a unique opportunity to explore the intersectionality of art in business, design, and architecture through the lived experiences of these influential personalities.


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