India’s First International AVGC-XR Festival AniMela Set to Debut in Mumbai in January 2024


MUMBAI: AniMela, India’s first-ever international Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, Comics, and Extended Reality (AVGC-XR) festival, is set to take place in Mumbai from January 19-21, 2024. The four-day festival, founded by the Universe & Visual Arts Foundation (AVAF), will showcase films, workshops, and activities promoting and showcasing Animation, Gaming, Visual Effects, Comics, and extended Reality (AVGC-XR).

AVAF has partnered with the Government of India (Ministry of Information & Broadcasting) and the world’s most prominent Annecy International Animation Festival to bring the world to India and take Indian AVGC-XR to the world. The festival will provide an unprecedented opportunity for Indian creators, emerging talent, and professionals in Animation, Gaming, VFX, Comics, and XR (AVGC-XR) to showcase their talent and network with industry experts.

AniMela will feature film screenings, gaming experiential zones, comic book/graphic novel creators, knowledge-sharing and mentoring sessions, immersive experience zones, and networking opportunities. The festival is organizing a 4-day workshop for promising talent mentored by internationally renowned industry veterans and experts from Annecy Festival– MIFA (among the world’s most prominent marketplaces for AVGC, France) where AVAF will support 5 animation projects (feature, shorts, or series) to be pitched globally to top producers, platforms & collaborators.

AniMela is India’s gateway to revolutionizing the AVGC-XR narrative, elevating the industry to its deserved recognition internationally. The festival stands on four pillars: Film Festival, Experiential Zone, Knowledge-sharing and Mentoring, and Networking. The festival will provide several opportunities through networking lunches and dinners with international guests (studios, distributors, buyers) from Canada, France, Spain, the UK, Australia, Turkey, and Japan, amongst others.

Kireet Khurana, Festival Director of AniMela, said, “India is making content at par with international standards, but lacks a narrative as a Creator of world-class content. With AniMela, we intend to align with our Government’s thrust of Create-In-India and build a platform of international pedigree to exhibit excellent films, games, and other forms of visual arts created by Indian independent talent and studios to a larger audience and promote them internationally.

Neha Jain, Executive Director at AniMela, mentioned, “Most audiences in India perceive animation as children’s content, there is no understanding of adult animation. Similarly, there is very limited knowledge about the possibilities around VFX, Gaming, and XR. With AniMela, we seek to break away from these restrictive perceptions and create more awareness and interest around the industry.

Anne Doshi, Artistic Director at AniMela, added, “In the AVGC industry, the creators are the stars, and the artists are given their due. And AniMela will reflect this by highlighting their talent and supporting them in their journeys. The festival will empower Indian talents and aspirants to engage in a cross-cultural exchange of ideas, explore beyond their horizons, and help nurture the growth of this community. It intends to fill the gaps via training and mentoring and propel India’s international presence in the global AVGC landscape.

Registrations for AniMela will open soon on Paytm Insider ( Besides the I&B Ministry, GOI, and Annecy Festival (France), AniMela is also supported by multiple organizations like the French Institute in India, Media & Entertainment Skills Council, Assemblage Entertainment, Frameboxx, Wayu Digital, Indie Comix Fest, Whistling Woods International, Hi-Tech Animation, Animatzione Animation Academy, Tulsea, School of Visual Arts (USA), and Rubika School. Moreover, AniMela will be available on Heftyverse, Hungama Digital’s metaverse platform from January 19-21, 2024. AniMela will travel to the remote parts of the country through this platform.


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