ASUS Launches Third ‘Select Store’ in Mumbai, Expands Refurbished Products Retail Concept

ASUS Select Store
ASUS Select Store

MUMBAI: ASUS, the multinational company known for its world-class motherboards, PCs, monitors, graphics cards, and routers, has expanded its refurbished products retail concept by launching its third ‘Select Store’ in Mumbai. The store, located in Lamington Road, Grant Road East, will feature an extensive range of high-quality refurbished ASUS consumer laptops, gaming PCs, creator series laptops, desktops, and other ASUS products at a reasonable price.

The showcased products have undergone a rigorous, multi-check inspection and have undergone an exhaustive process of testing, meticulous restoration, and ASUS certification, ensuring their compliance with standards akin to those of brand-new products. Furthermore, the company extends a one-year comprehensive warranty on all refurbished products.

ASUS Select Store
L-R Arnold Su and Eric Ou inaugurate the third Select Store in Mumbai

Arnold Su, Business Head, Consumer and Gaming PC, System Business Group, ASUS India, shared, “While companies are navigating towards sales driven solely through online channels, we at ASUS understand that the retail stores are equally important for a customer acquisition and sales strategy. By giving them an avenue to experience the products, we have noticed the rate of conversion of potential sales at a high.

The launch of ASUS Select Store was envisioned to support the Indian refurbished electronics market, institutionalize the segment by bringing in multi-check points, and bring in quality products that are as good as brand new products at 20-30% lesser cost and a 1-year company warranty.

The company recently opened doors to its second Select Store in Kolkata earlier this week. The ASUS Select Stores marks a notable advancement towards a more sustainable future by providing customers with the opportunity to purchase high-quality products at affordable prices. Utilizing the latest technological innovations, the company actively drives sustainability throughout its processes. This includes various environmentally conscious initiatives like decreasing carbon footprint, adopting eco-friendly packaging, and partnering with recycling firms to ensure responsible disposal of electronic waste.

Overall, ASUS’s expansion of its refurbished products retail concept is part of its commitment to building a sustainable practice and supporting the Indian refurbished electronics market. The company’s rigorous testing and restoration process ensures that customers can access premium quality laptops and PCs at a reasonable price, with a one-year comprehensive warranty.


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