Challenges Facing Motorsports in India


Motorsport in India has evolved differently, like Race at road America. There’s been a lot of remarkable progress and some difficult challenges as well. Although the present doesn’t look too good because of some persistent issues, the future of motorsport in India looks very promising despite the current challenges. 

There are a lot of challenges that must be addressed for motorsport to reach massive heights in India. Formula One opened up Indian motorsport to the world through several Formula One races held in India between 2011 to 2013. 

India was finally taking its rightful place in the comity of motorsport destinations. However, an unpredictable vicissitude appears to have split the relationship between Formula One and India.

What are some of the challenges facing motorsport in India?

  • Unfavorable Government Policies

Motorsport faces some form of opposition from India’s government. The major problem for Formula One in India was that the Indian government did not consider it a sport but rather a form of entertainment. 

So, rather than subject Formula One to the same criteria as cricket, the Indian government demanded that the Formula One promoters pay taxes and other levies ascribed to entertainment bodies. Without government support for motorsport, investors will not be encouraged to commit resources to Indian motorsport.

  • Economic Challenges in India

Motorsport can only be sustained when it gets adequate patronage. Much money goes into motorsport investments, and low turnouts to motorsport events cannot sustain it. India’s patronage of motorsport events is low.

  • Lack of a strong Motorsport base

Motorsport development is almost non-existent in India. At the grassroots level, the interest in motorsport keeps waning, especially as there is no support from the Indian government and private sector. India used to have a very vibrant motorsport audience in the early 90s, but that has not been sustained up till now. As a result, India has lost many of its motorsport enthusiasts to other countries.

  • Challenging Investment Landscape for Manufacturers

Kart racing and rallies are still gaining momentum in India, but finding the right gear and equipment is a major challenge. Trying to outsource them from outside India is also a big issue. The manufacturing landscape in India is not favorable for investors to come in and set up manufacturing plants to meet these needs.


India has experienced relative motorsport success over the years. Still, India is at a critical spot right now, and how the country responds to the challenges will determine Indian motorsport’s future. 

The situation is bad, but it can be salvaged if organizations like The Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI), the Sports Authority of India (SAI), and the Indian Government come together to develop a framework for the success of motorsport in India.

Photo by Borna Bevanda on Unsplash


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