How to set up your TV to watch sports live online


Watching sports is something that holds the power to really bring people together. And while going to the stadium to watch sports is always the most exciting experience, there are many other ways to watch sports too. And while a lot of sports can be seen live on your TV, there are also a lot of games or sports in general that can’t be watched on your TV. At least not initially. But today, we have the technology to stream online content to our TVs, which gives us the opportunity to gather around the TV to watch sports even when the games are not on TV.

Watching sports is a big part of the life of a lot of people. It’s not just an interest in the sport, but the social gatherings around it, the feeling of belonging to a team and being a part of something bigger than you. And the chance to have an excuse to eat delicious foods when you watch it. Because who doesn’t love a good excuse to eat something really good. If you bet on games, watching them at home can make it even more exciting too. Whether you have bet on a point spreads or placed a different bet on the match, you can be truer to your feelings about the result when you watch it at home than when you are out at a bar.

Step-by-step guide

Before giving you the guide, it’s important to also underline that if you are more interested in Netflix, you will have great options to use the same method to access it through your computer. The steps below can be used regardless of what you want to watch. Here are the four easy steps to set up to watch directly on your TV:

  • Connect your device to the correct ports on your TV. What device you get for streaming is completely up to you and comes with instructions on what ports are the correct ones to choose when you set up. 
  • Set your TV to the correct input channel using your remote. Your remote will have an input button, and from there, you just choose the correct one. 
  • Connect your device to wi-fi. This can feel a bit tricky, but your device will also come with instructions on how to do this. 
  • You are now all set! Choose what you want to stream and use your TV to watch content or games online.


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