Chatrabhuj Narsee School Amanora Park Town hosts Quintessence

Chatrabhuj Narsee School
Chatrabhuj Narsee School hosting the second edition of QUINTESSENCE

Second Edition of Elevating Excellence at Intra-School Sports and Performing Arts

PUNE: Embracing the spirit of unity and talent, Quintessence, an intra-school festival, is set to unfold its vibrant second edition at the esteemed Chatrabhuj Narsee School – Amanora Park Town. The festival in its second edition is a testament to the collective enthusiasm of students from five schools under the Chairperson & Trustee of the visionary Sujay Jairaj.

This year’s extravaganza will see spirited participation from students of Jamnabai Narsee School in Mumbai and GIFT City(Gujarat), Jamnabai Narsee International School in Mumbai & Chatrabhuj Narsee School in Mumbai and Pune. Over 150 categories in culture and sports will set the stage for a dynamic and healthy competition among the bright minds of tomorrow.

Says Sujay Jairaj, Chairperson & Trustee, “Quintessence is a testament to the diverse capabilities of our students, and we are excited to see them embrace healthy competition, foster camaraderie, and create lasting memories.”

The name Quintessence, representing the most perfect example of a quality or class, perfectly aligns with the festival’s essence. Symbolized by the logo Joie de vivre, denoting the exuberant enjoyment of life, Quintessence was conceived to foster a celebration of students’ talents, both on the field and in creative and performing arts.

This event unifies the power of healthy competition. It brings together students from diverse backgrounds & mutual respect. Through spirited competition, it becomes a catalyst for personal growth, teamwork, and the joy of shared achievement. It is a celebration of talent, a platform for collaboration, and a reflection of the vibrant spirits within our schools”, says Trustee Minal Thacker.

Quintessence continues to inspire and nurture the multifaceted talents of the youth, creating an environment where excellence and joie de vivre converge and are celebrated by the students, teachers & families.


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