Freedom from Diabetes (FFD) completes 10 glorious years


PUNE: We consider health and happiness as twin goals of our life. Many of us believe that if we are healthy we are happy, but we fail to realize that if we are happy we automatically become healthy. Happiness generates health and true happiness comes when we forget our pains and help others and become helpers of humanity, said Krishna Kumari Thadani, Chairperson, Sadhu Vaswani Mission. She was speaking at a special function organized by Freedom From Diabetes ( FFD), to mark ten years of its existence.

While referring to the four secrets of well-being she said mindfulness which can energize our mind, the attitude of gratitude which is the biggest immunity booster, understanding the power of breathing, and helping humanity can lead us to happiness. Life is meant to be a journey of happiness but we turn it into a race. If we see good, life will take a different turn. She advocated at least 15 minutes of personal quiet time (PQT) through silence and meditation.

She added that humanity needs healing. Dr.Tripathi is a healer. We have got so much from God and life, we must be grateful. Grateful hearts heal faster.

More than 110 Past participants who have been free from diabetic medication/ insulin and have motivated numerous others were felicitated along with FFDians for their contribution for the past 10 years to make a vision of diabetes remission a reality.

Freedom from Diabetes
Participants who are free from diabetic medication/ insulin

Founded by Dr.Pramod Tripathi, FFD is creating awareness and educating people about diabetes along with healing programs. The FFD initiative is based on a holistic transformation program with three fundamental pillars viz Education, support, and inspiration. The initiative also includes various programs including the regular ‘Discover Reversal Sessions’ and the annual Muktotsav which celebrates and felicitates those diabetics who by following the FFD program with discipline have passed GTT ( Glucose Tolerance Test ) or IGT ( Impaired Glucose Tolerance Test ). The FFD initiative now also includes a freedom from obesity program, 87 member clubs in 14 countries,

Dr. Pramod Tripathi said that to date FFD has helped more than 13500 type 2 diabetics get rid of their dependency on insulin or medicines. Although awareness of diabetes is increasing in people at large, more than half of them remain undiagnosed which increases the risk of complications in the future. With our awareness and FFD programs, we aim to help 100,000 diabetics get rid of their dependency on insulin or medicines by 2030.


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