Mother’s Recipe’s consumer offer on Ginger Garlic paste for the winter season


Free from Class II preservative, aroma sealed pack, real ginger and garlic, guaranteed thick consistency

INDIA: Ginger garlic paste is one such common condiment in every household, which instantly enhances the taste of the food. In today’s world, due to hectic schedules, consumers have very little time for cooking, and preparing ginger garlic paste is a tedious process. Consumers are now on the lookout for products that cut down on their cooking time. The pioneer in innovative packaging Mother’s Recipe Ginger Garlic pastes spout pack is an easy solution for consumers. With an aim at consumer satisfaction and looking at the high demand for Ginger Garlic paste in the market, Mother’s Recipe, India’s leading Indian Food brand, has recently introduced a consumer offer of 25% extra free in the 200gm pack.

At Mother’s Recipe, the ginger garlic paste is made in the traditional way with fresh Ginger, Garlic and promises to create the same magic as your grandmother’s stone-ground ginger garlic paste. The product is thick in consistency and free from class II preservatives and chemicals which ensures that the paste is authentic and reaches the consumers in its tastiest and authentic form. The Ginger Garlic spout pack ensures durability, comes along with an aroma seal cap, and is easy to use and convenient to store. The paste is used in all veg and non-veg cuisine such as pulao, biryani, mutter paneer, chole, and so on.

Commenting on the new consumer offer Ms. Sanjana Desai, Executive Director, of Mother’s Recipe said “We have realized that changing consumer needs and expanding supply chains means that modern packaging must do much more than simply protect a product in transit. At Mother’s Recipe, we aim to deliver both consumer convenience and the best quality for all the products. We have ensured that the ginger garlic paste is made in the traditional way with fresh ingredients, and products have no class II preservatives, providing an authentic taste to our consumers. It is our mission to cater to the current market demands and curate quality products with authentic taste”.

The Ginger Garlic spout pack is available in 200 gm + 50gm free for ONLY Rs.50 across Pune, Nagpur, Indore, Ahmedabad, Goa, Kolkata, Guwahati, Bangalore, Chennai, Coimbatore, Pondicherry.


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