Pune Residents Prioritize Health Insurance Over Luxuries, Reveals Aditya Birla Health Insurance Report

Aditya Birla Health Insurance
Aditya Birla Health Insurance

PUNE: The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a global shift towards prioritizing a health-conscious way of life. Pune residents are proactively exploring diverse channels, both in the digital realm and the physical world, to foster and sustain their commitment to well-being. As a result, securing the financial capability to deal with health emergencies has become a part of the family’s financial planning.

Aditya Birla Health Insurance Company Limited’s New Health Normal report highlights some key insights related to how people in Pune are adapting to the new reality. The report reveals that only 25% of respondents in Pune have set aside enough money to use in case of medical emergencies as compared to 52% nationally. Additionally, 92% of male respondents in Pune are not sure if their savings are enough for emergencies compared to 41% nationally.

The report also highlights Pune residents’ inclination and dedication towards exercise, with 85% of male respondents in Pune regularly monitoring their health statistics. However, more focus is required, as only 45% of respondents claim they have been consistent about an exercise regime for over three months.

Mental health awareness has grown in Pune, but stigma remains a barrier to seeking help. The report reveals that 65% of respondents in Pune are still hesitant about visiting a mental health expert, compared to 68% nationally, as they would be very concerned about what people think.

Overall, the report demonstrates that people in Pune are prioritizing their health and are willing to make sacrifices to ensure they have adequate health insurance coverage. By continuing to educate the public about mental health and reducing the fear and shame associated with seeking help, Pune can create a more supportive environment for those struggling with mental health issues.

Speaking on the findings of the research, Mayank Bathwal, CEO, of Aditya Birla Health Insurance, said, “Due to the pandemic, in the ‘New Health Normal’, people are realizing the importance of a health-focused lifestyle and are actively seeking avenues that can support it – both online and offline. It has impacted their behavior as well in many ways – the technology they use, how closely they monitor their diet, do they exercise regularly, etc. However, as ever, adopting a new habit is a challenge for most, and the need of the hour is to motivate and encourage people to complete the last mile in their health journey.”

ABHI New Health Normal Report

Overview: ABHI is a unique health insurance provider that focuses on the health of its customers rather than sickness insurance only. The entire ABHI product and service ecosystem is developed with this philosophy of being a health partner of the customer that helps them stay healthy and have a more fulfilled file.

Objective: Be the first HI company in India to publish a comprehensive and holistic health report for India. We are looking for a partner with expertise in research (collection and collation) who can help us assess the health status of the country and create a report on the same. The primary objective of the report is to establish a brand of thought leadership in the health space.

The intended audience for the report is the FS industry, consumers, direct and indirect competitors, HI regulators, our channel partners, and our agents.


  1. Only 34% in Pune feel that there is less taboo about speaking to a medical professional post-Covid as compared to 30% nationally.
  2. 29% of respondents in Pune still feel hesitant to visit a mental health expert due to cost implications as compared to 36% nationally.
  3. 91% of respondents in Pune  believe that mental health consulting should be included in the health policy
  4. 25% of respondents in Pune have estimated the requirement and planned for such emergencies whereas 68% are not sure if they have enough money for emergencies.
  5. 85% of respondents in Pune consider cutting down on some luxury items so that they could spend more on health insurance.
  6. 88% of respondents in Pune actively seek an employer that insures your family’s medical expenses as compared to 79% nationally
  7. 45% of respondents from Pune  claim they have been consistent about an exercise regime for over 3 months
  8. Only 42% of respondents in Pune  have a targeted number of steps to complete in a day or wearable they use to monitor their health statistics
  9. 92% of respondents in Pune believe that awareness of health and wellness-related issues has increased.
  10. 43% of respondents in Pune searched for online fitness classes, YouTube videos, and exercise /Yoga-related shows on OTT platforms as compared to 60% nationally.
  11. More than half of the respondents (72%) in Pune regularly monitor their health stats such as weight, blood pressure, etc.
  12. 36% have reached out to mental health experts as compared to 54% in Pune.
  13. Only 27% of respondents in Pune have started following a healthier diet post-pandemic than 51% nationally.  


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