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Eye Hospital in Pune

Raut Eye Care Clinic, a trusted name in the field of eye care, is proud to announce its latest contribution to community eye health, and reaffirm its social responsibility of eye disease screening for the people of India. Established in 1987, by the renowned Ophthalmologist, Dr.Rajeev Raut, the clinic has become a symbol of hope for those seeking advanced treatment and surgery for various eye conditions.

Raut Eye Care Clinic has launched a revolutionary app called Scan My Eye based on Artificial Intelligence. This innovative app, is available FREE OF COST, AROUND THE WORLD, enables users to conduct preliminary eye examinations from the comfort of their homes. With just a smartphone and the Scan My Eye app, individuals can assess their eye health, detect early signs of common diseases like motibindu or cataract, check if they are eligible for Lasik surgery, for information on all types of number removal surgeries like prk,lasik,smile and icl, check their vision and get instant home remedies for eye problems like red eyes, dry eyes etc. Raut Eye Care Clinic believes in leveraging technology and artificial intelligence to enhance accessibility and promote proactive eye care globally, for the masses.

Cataract Eye Hospital in Pune

Apart from cataract treatment, Raut Eye Care offers a range of specialized services. They provide advanced surgeries for Retinal conditions, Glaucoma and Lasik procedures.

LASIK Eye Centre in Pune

This cutting-edge technology was developed by Dr.Aditya Raut, Dr Bhargav Raut and Dr Kumud Raut who are cataract and refractive surgeons at Raut Eye Care over a course of 5 years. Raut Eye Care is well known to be a high volume cataract and Lasik surgery center in pune.  The technolgy is at the forefront of medical innovation.  The clinic constantly takes part in research and development projects to keep its therapies at the cutting edge of medical innovation. This is made possible by their constant dedication to the welfare of their patients. It is one such research effort, launched in 2018, that has borne fruit and led to the launch and innovation of ScanMyEye mobile app.

Their mission is to ensure that every individual receives the best possible treatment for their eye conditions, allowing them to enjoy a life full of clear vision and improved quality of life.

Take the first step towards improved eye health and download the ScanMyEye Application. Get a free eye health scan at home. You can consult eye doctors depending on the results of your free eye health scan.

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Address – 1st Floor, Manisha Apartment, Moledina Road, Behind Coffee House, Camp, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
Maps Link – https://goo.gl/maps/UM2L7MWt9zkYZzrL9
Phone – 9881139826


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