SAMCO Securities Introduces “My Trade Story” Feature to Enhance Trader Performance in Pune

SAMCO Securities
Jimeet Modi, Founder and CEO of SAMCO Group

PUNE: A recent survey by SAMCO Securities has revealed that an alarming 62% of traders in Pune have grappled with underperformance in the stock market over the past year. To address this critical issue, SAMCO Securities has introduced the “My Trade Story” feature to its CRP trading platform, offering traders advanced tools and analytics to refine their trading strategies and attain superior market results.

The “My Trade Story” feature introduces a suite of innovative Trade Spreadsheet and Analytics tools, providing traders with comprehensive trade-related statistics and in-depth analytics tailored to individual trading profiles. Encompassing crucial aspects such as position details, P&L analytics, trade legs breakdown, key technical indicators, and more, this feature empowers traders to make informed decisions and enhance their market outcomes.

SAMCO Securities’ CRP platform, already renowned for offering real-time market data, technical analysis tools, margin trading, stop-loss orders, and educational resources, elevates its services to new heights with the addition of “My Trade Story.” This feature sets a new industry standard by addressing the pressing need for advanced tools that assist traders in overcoming challenges, achieving financial goals, and thriving in today’s dynamic markets.

Jimeet Modi, Founder and CEO of SAMCO Group, emphasized the significance of the Trade Spreadsheet feature, saying, “In a market where 62% of traders are grappling with underperformance, our innovative CRP features, such as the ‘My Trade Story,’ serve as a guiding light, offering personalized insights and analytics to help traders navigate and elevate their strategies for improved outcomes.”

The Trade Probability Success Score, a unique component of the “My Trade Story” feature, assesses historical trade data, market trends, technical indicators, and risk management strategies to predict the success probability of each trade. This tool equips traders with the knowledge to optimize their trades, tap into their potential, and attain greater success.

The Trade Spreadsheet feature caters to traders of all experience levels, providing vital trade-level data. The accompanying Analytics feature offers further insights into market trends. If the Trade Probability Success Score indicates a lower probability of success for a trade, traders are encouraged to consider options like consulting experienced fund managers for guidance.

To mark the launch, the advanced features of “My Trade Story” will be accessible to clients free of cost, delivering benefits valued at Rs. 12,000. Traders can leverage this feature to gain deep insights into their trading performance, enabling data-driven decisions for improved trading outcomes.

SAMCO Securities was incorporated by Mr. Jimeet Modi, Founder & CEO of SAMCO Group in 2015. As the country’s leading flat-fee brokerage and wealth-tech platform, SAMCO Securities provides retail investors access to sophisticated financial technology and makes their wealth-creation journey simple, informed, and cost-effective. SAMCO Securities’ mission is to eliminate the existing challenges faced by traders and investors and democratize access to the wealth management process for every Indian.

The “My Trade Story” feature is a game-changer for traders in Pune, offering advanced tools and analytics to refine their trading strategies and attain superior market results. With this feature, SAMCO Securities continues to lead the way in providing innovative solutions that empower traders to succeed in today’s dynamic markets


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