U.S. Consulate Pursues Cybersecurity Center Of Excellence In Pune

U.S. Consulate Pursues Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in Pune
U.S. Consulate Pursues Cybersecurity Center of Excellence in Pune

MUMBAI: U.S. Consul General Mike Hankey launched the first-ever Cybersecurity Initiative in Pune on February 26, 2024, in collaboration with the Maratha Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture (MCCIA).  Hankey said, “The Initiative connects the very best cyber security experts from the U.S., India, and around the world to create jobs, develop cutting-edge solutions, and facilitate people-to-people ties in this strategic industry.”  He said the Initiative aims to develop Pune as a center of excellence for cybersecurity.

Cyber issues are a priority in the U.S.-India bilateral relationship,Hankey said.  “The challenge before the United States and India is how to minimize cybersecurity threats and ensure that the digital revolution enhances global prosperity and stability.” 

The new Initiative will connect research institutions, industry, and civil society in both countries to improve cybersecurity infrastructure, create commercial opportunities in cybersecurity, and boost professionals’ cybersecurity skills.  Leading U.S. cybersecurity companies participated in the launch and offered to deliver skills training to Indian partners.  Pune sister cities Austin, Texas, and San Jose, California, as well as leading U.S. research universities, have expressed interest in supporting the initiative. 

Hankey said the Cybersecurity Initiative in Pune was a symbol of the close collaboration between the United States and India.  “We need to improve our ability jointly to respond to and recover from cyber threats.  Our two countries have a variety of collaborations on cybersecurity capacity-building, cybersecurity research and development, combating cybercrime, international security, and internet governance,” he said.

Hankey said the Initiative’s launch “comes at a critical time as digital technologies have advanced more rapidly than at any other time in human history.”  He reiterated that a secure, resilient, and stable cyberspace is fundamental for the development of the public and private sectors and for people worldwide to benefit from the free flow of information online. 

We are observing extraordinary transformations in artificial intelligence, advanced telecommunications, critical and emerging technologies, bioengineering, and energy,” Hankey said.  “While these advancements provide economic and social benefits to citizens, businesses, and governments around the world, cybersecurity for the growth of the digital space is a critical area of concern.MCCIA President Deepak Karandikar and Director General Prashant Girbane also reiterated the center’s strategic importance to citizens, businesses, and governments.


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