Vaibhav Lodha Shares Year-end Outlook On Lending And Fintech Sector


Quote from Vaibhav Lodha Co-founder of ftcash

“As we enter 2023, we hope to see renewed energy in the FinTech sector especially with the benefit of hindsight. Firstly, FinTechs will be more sure-footed when it comes to finding a product market fit that finds acceptance within the regulatory framework. Secondly, unit economics and profitability will be the guiding light for all new initiatives and current practices. With the confidence that the worst of the pandemic is behind us, lending across segments is expected to reach newer heights. With the new norms for lending in place, NBFCs and FinTechs will continue to grow strength to strength to consolidate their market share, enter new territories and impact the lives of millions of underserved customers in a credit-starved economy.”


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