Zilla Parishad and PMC Students Excel at Robotex India’s Pune Championship

Robotex India
Robotex India

PUNE: Robotex India, a non-profit organization advancing STEAM education, recently hosted its regional championship at the prestigious College of Engineering Pune (COEP), drawing an impressive crowd of over 1,000 participating students and an enthusiastic audience of more than 3500. The event showcased more than 150 projects by 350 students, with a strong focus on sustainability, environmental conservation, responses to natural calamities, and other pressing global issues.

The event’s highlight was the esteemed presence of Mr. Ramesh Chavhan, CEO of Zilla Parishad, who graced the occasion as the Guest of Honour. Mr. Chavhan inaugurated the championship and expressed his appreciation for the real-world problem-solving projects created by the students.

Robotex India
Robotex India

A significant milestone was the participation of students from Zilla Parishad and PMC schools, marking the first-ever collaboration between these students and their counterparts from the private sector. This inclusivity was not just celebrated but also showcased through the remarkable achievements of students from Zilla Parishad and PMC schools, who secured podium positions.

The competition featured multiple categories, including Line Follower, Maze Solving, and Sumo Wrestling Robots, which showcased the students’ exceptional technical prowess and problem-solving skills. BMC Software’s CSR-supported school, B T Shahani Navin Hind English Medium School in Bhawani Peth, Pune, secured three podium positions. ZS India’s CSR-supported Zilla Parishad Prathamik Shala Lohegaon School secured two podium positions. Globant India’s CSR supported Shrimant Shivaji Raje Bhosale School in Phaltan secured one podium position, and WNS Global Services (P) Ltd.’s CSR supported Gurunanak School in Ganeshpeth secured one podium position.

Ms Payal Rajpal, Director of Robotex India, stated, “Robotex India continues to lead the charge in fostering STEM education, innovation, and inclusivity among India’s youth. With 1 million students educated in pan-India on future employable skills, we aim to train over 2 million by 2024. We are dedicated to bridging the gender gap in STEM and preparing students from marginalized communities in rural India for the jobs of the future.

The event served as a testament to Robotex India’s commitment to providing a dynamic platform for young talents to showcase their technological innovations on both national and international stages, furthering their exposure to STEM and Robotics competitions. The organization’s dedication to creating a level playing field for students of all backgrounds and nurturing a spirit of innovation and technological excellence was evident throughout the event.

The Robotex India regional championship held at the College of Engineering Pune was a resounding success, with students from Zilla Parishad and PMC schools securing podium positions. The event showcased the exceptional technical prowess and problem-solving skills of the students and highlighted Robotex India’s commitment to fostering STEM education, innovation, and inclusivity among India’s youth.


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