Chandrayaan-3 Soft Lands Vikram Lander on Moon

Chandrayan-3 Soft Landing on Moon

India Creatres History with a soft landing on Moon’s south pole region

INDIA: Hon PM of India Shri Narendra Modi waves the INDIA Tricolor, congratulting the efforts of Team ISRO and wishing the people of India on this historic moment.

This Indian ISRO Teams journey concluded in a spectracular near perfecrt Soft Landing of the Vikram Lander on the Moons surface near the polar region. This is a moment of celebrations for People of India as the global communities welcome and recognize India for its efforts and succes in the lunar space program.

As you all know INDIA is the FIRST COUNTRY to land a SPACECRAFT on the LUNAR SOUTH POLE. The tricolor now flies high in the lunar skies.

ISRO Tweet
ISRO Tweet
Chandrayaan_3 Soft Lands on the Moon’s surface


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