Here’s Why Your Brand Should Have An App In 2023


Digitization has not only changed the lives of billions of people forever, making them easier and more innovative, but it has also greatly contributed to the individual’s approach to the world around them, greatly expanding their horizons.

Before the advent of the Internet and social media, the scope of our actions was severely limited by the location we were in, and connection with everything else in the world was only theoretical. Nowadays, with the new media and communication tools fostered by globalization, a small gesture made on the screen of a smartphone or tablet can change the destinies of thousands of people living thousands of miles away, as if it were a kind of 2.0 butterfly effect.

All this also closely affects businesses and brands in every corner of the world, which increasingly have to contend with new ways of approaching customers and a new way of conceiving the existing relationship between the company and its end consumer.

The latter, in most cases, spends a large part of its days in front of the cell phone screen, absorbed in the contemplation of content that mostly does not serve it, and which is almost always punctually ignored.

The places of communication

The real challenge, for those involved in communication and marketing in these complex times, lies precisely in this, namely in the ability to create relevant content that knows how to stop the user’s attention, if only for a few moments, concentrating it on a very specific point.

In addition to content-which still representing the main weapon available to companies to attract their consumers-but brands should also focus, however, on the virtual space that hosts it, on the platform chosen for its conveyance and dissemination.

In fact, with the advent of social networks, there seems to be a widespread belief that most online advertising messages nowadays should be published and disseminated through these modern communication channels, which, moreover, differ from each other in a multitude of technical and structural features.

The place of dissemination of the communication message is decisive, even crucial to its success. But this dissemination does not necessarily have to be initiated only on social media, because nowadays the network is able to offer an impressive variety of virtual spaces where different kinds of content can be created, published, and disseminated, allowing the public to access them quickly and without complications.

Among the most interesting virtual spaces are certainly those occupied by Apps, which over the past decade have managed to attract huge amounts of traffic and advertising investment. In just eight years, total global App revenues could even increase tenfold: they would rise from $97 billion in 2014 to an estimated $935 billion by 2023, according to some recent estimates.

Any brand should equip itself with an app, since the future of communication and advertising investment could lie right there, within those little programs that we install every day on our devices, often without even using them, and that in the future could become all intents and purposes extremely powerful media, capable of attracting large volumes of users and hosting full-fledged e-commerce, giving everyone the opportunity to complete purchases in total security.

A single virtual space

What matters most nowadays is that brands are able to concentrate all their main digital services within a single, well-equipped virtual platform, App, or website, thus facilitating the customer experience and avoiding dangerous dispersion. By finding everything they need in one place, users will also feel incentivized to learn more about the brand and take a look at its history, services, and products that are offered online, perhaps ending up buying some of them.

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